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How does SMS Parking work?
SMS Parking simplifies the process of parking payment by allowing you to select from multiple vehicles and zones. From the selected info it creates a text message which is sent to the parking service you selected. SMS Parking doesn't have any affiliation with the parking service and doesn't process the payment in any way. You should always check if you received a confirmation sms from the parking service to avoid parking fines.

There isn't an sms payment option for the zone I need. What now?
We suggest you contact the parking service about plans for implementation of sms payment.

The zone I park in has special requirements. Why isn't there a XYZ type of zone?
Because of the wide variety of payment options throughout the world v1.0 of SMS Parking offers only one type of zone. Please send an email to or use the send feedback button to tell us about any other types of payment options and we will try to implement them as soon as possible.

What for are the prefix and suffix fields?
Some zones require additional information to be put before or after your vehicles registration number. Use the prefix and suffix fields to store that information for each zone.

There is a missing feature in this app, what now?
Use the send feedback button or send us an email at describing what you had in mind. If it is something we feel will improve the user experience we will put it on our to-do list.

Where do I report a bug?
Use the send feedback button or send us an email at and describe what you where doing at the moment the bug occurred. Please also include the model and firmware version of your device.

Who developed SMS Parking?
SMS Parking was developed by Pixelome. You can follow us on or go to our webisite at

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Contact us, and we'll answer your question as soon as we can.
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